Acoustical Baffles & Wall Panels

Our Acoustical Baffles & Wall Panels are a combination of tested, proven acoustical performance with aesthetically designed metal panels to create a wall covering, screen or baffle system that is functional, durable and architecturally pleasing. The Z-Slot Wall Panel is specifically designed for use in high traffic areas, and can be placed in a tight single line joint application or various sized reveals between panels.

Acoustical Baffles & Wall Panels Product Highlights

  • Versatile system offers six standard profiles and unlimited configurations
  • Available as a completely factory fabricated baffle or field installed wall panel system
  • Available in a variety of architectural metal types and finishes, custom powder coat and Kynar® paint colors
  • Z slot attachment option ensures a quick and easy installation
  • Multiple standard and custom perforation patterns and configurations
  • Achieves up to a .90 Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)
  • Sublimated graphic treatment available for personalized customization
  • Easy to install, economic solution for institutional, commercial and industrial facilities
  • Turnkey solution enabling a fast, accurate and solid installation